Forensic Assessment

Forensic Assessment

Failures of the built environment rarely result from a single cause but, occur due to a combination of circumstances that require a deep understanding of technical and scientific issues.

Damage Analysis

Buildings develop issues due to a combination of technical and scientific causes. Our forensic engineers can give you in-depth insights on the reasons for structural damages. This will help ensure optimal health of building constructions in the future. Our professional team uses state of the art testing equipment (N.D.T), to accurately theories the causes for structural damages.

ANZ Engineers have over a decade of experience in investigating building damages. We have completed hundreds of damage analysis jobs in and around Melbourne, to the complete satisfaction of our customers. We have also given advisories on the guidelines to be followed for the best outcome.

We specialise in damage investigations of houses, townhouses, units, commercial and industrial buildings, for problems including;

  • Subsidence
  • Crack Slabs
  • Leaning walls
  • Building Settlements
  • Movement
  • Uneven floors

Once our experts conduct forensic investigation, they will be able to detect the cause of distress and the unique circumstances surrounding the cause. Once the supporting evidence is verified, we provide a comprehensive forensic report. Our professional team can also design underpinning after we compile the forensic report. Backed by our knowledge of geo-technical engineering, we also conduct soil testing to classify your site.

Our forensic engineering equipment

Our engineers are trained to operate non- destructive testing equipment to determine the cause of damage that occurs in each unique structure. Our forensic specific equipment includes Thermal imaging cameras, Moisture meters, Pressurised hydro static altimeters for floor level surveys and Drone surveying equipment for high definition roof and site inspections.

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