How Much Does A Structural Inspection Report Cost?

Structural Inspection Report Cost

How Much Does A Structural Inspection Report Cost?

A structural engineer’s function is to ensure that a building is safe and capable of bearing stresses created by human use or environmental conditions.

A structural engineer can be called to inspect and produce a structural inspection report which shows if there are signs like cracks in the walls or sagging in the ceiling of your property.

The engineer can assess the damage, find out the possible causes, and suggest remedial measures. He can play a significant role when you are purchasing a property or planning a renovation project.

If you want to know the structural strength of your building project, a qualified engineer will examine your structure to ensure if it is safe and as per the regulations.

You can also discuss the structural engineer inspection cost with the engineer openly. A structural engineer house inspection cost could start from $300 and go up to $10000 or more based on the job’s complexity and scope.

Structural Engineer House Inspection Cost

The cost of a structural inspection report is different for each project. The following are the rates usually charged:

  • Hourly rates for a structural engineer usually begin at around $100, and for complex projects that require a thoroughly professional service, it could increase up to $250 an hour. It is directly proportional to the work involved and the time spent by the engineers
  • If you just need some plans with no extra research for a few beams, you may be charged around $300. But a detailed report with the engineer’s drawings could cost you around $3000 onwards
  • Building inspections: They do not have fixed rates as it depends on the property size. The costs usually are like this:
  1. For small buildings – between $300 to $500
  2. For medium-sized houses – between $500 to $700
  3. For large buildings or more detailed inspections – between $700 to $1000

For large-scale renovation projects, which need intricate details prepared by an engineer, the costs are:

  1. Starting from $4500 and upwards relative to the size of the project
  2. It could be between 5 to 12% of the estimated construction cost

Costs for a contour survey and a soil inspection:

  1. If it is a basic soil inspection – $350
  2. If it is both soil and contour survey- $1000 upwards

Which projects can a structural engineer help you with?

These are some of the projects that need a structural engineer:

  • Inspection of buildings before purchase
  • Constructing an extension
  • Conversion of a loft
  • Adding a second story
  • Damages caused to the structure due to earthquakes or other natural calamities
  • Property defect examinations and report
  • Installing solar panels
  • Removing or modifying internal walls
  • Footing design
  • Reinforced concrete column design

The benefits of getting your property inspected by a structural engineer

Before buying a property or starting renovation, it would be better if you did a thorough inspection with the help of a skilled structural engineer to verify the property’s strength.

This will help avoid the physical damage and financial losses that could arise if the property structure collapses or gets damaged.

These are the benefits you get from an inspection:

  • If you have decided to add certain features like solar installation, an inspection will ensure that your building can take the additional load. Without an inspection, you could be endangering your family’s life along with yourself
  • Carrying out an inspection will increase your chances of getting maximum compensation from insurance companies in case anything untoward happens
  • If you are removing an internal wall without an inspection, it could weaken the entire building. The structural engineer will help in avoiding such eventualities.
  • If you are adding more floors, an inspection will verify if the foundation can take the extra load
  • If you disagree with a party over your property, you can hire an engineer for inspection. He can provide an impartial view and prepare an independent report on his findings. He can appear in the court as a witness and present the report on your property.

Important things to bear in mind before hiring a structural engineer

Before hiring an engineer to inspect your building, you need to ensure that he is ideal for the job. You need to ensure the following things:

  • The engineer carrying out the inspection needs to be registered on the National Professional Engineers Register (NPER). While hiring, you need to ask for his membership card or check online in the National Engineering Register.
  • The engineer needs to possess valid insurance (public liability insurance and professional indemnity)
  • He needs to have prior experience in a variety of projects
  • You should ask for a written quote. It would be good to get three quotes from different engineers to compare the structural engineer inspection cost proposed by each engineer
  • You need to know the duration of the job
  • Ask for relevant reference so that you can make enquiries

It is always advisable to get a structural inspection report from a qualified engineer before starting a new renovation project, making changes to your home, or buying a property.

Doing so would help you ascertain whether your property can withstand the load of any new structural changes and is safe to be occupied by you and your family.